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Manufacturing of Power and Distribution Transformers upto 12.5 MVA 33kV Class.

Power Control Center

Power Control Centre is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry.

MCC Panels

Motor Control Centers are suitable for operation of motors ranging from 0.5HP to 500 HP capacity.

APFCR Panels

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel is designed to maintain power factor of plant to unity.

Lighting Distribution Boards

An MDB is a panel or enclosure that houses the fuses, circuit breakers and ground leakage protection units

AMF Panels

Auto Main Failure Panels, also known as AMF panels, are used to automatically changeover.

Synchronizing Panel

We are actively engaged in manufacturing aof DG Synchronization Panel which comes complete…


Bus duct is used in commercial and industrial sectors to conduct electricity to cable bus.


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